Albania: Let’s kick it for inclusion, education and fun!

Albania joins in – with a fantastic girl’s crew  of the organisation “The Door”. This is much more than a football club: they girls play for social inclusion, education and fun.

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Hier sind die Mädchen von “The Door” , einer Organisation in Albanien, die sich für Bildung und Inklusion einsetzt – also dafür, dass keiner und keine ausgeschlossen ist. Super Sache! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Wir freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Euch!

“Friendship” tournament for female football was organised on Sunday, 19 January 2014 in Shkoder, Albania.

Here is the result of the tournament after the matches:
1. Vllaznia
2. Ferizaj
3. The Door Albania
4. Juban Danja
This tournament promoted important message of friendship among female football players and staff from Shkodra’s teams and also the guest team Ferizaj from Kosovo.
The Door Albania: Play for social inclusion, education and fun.

Turneu “MIQESIA” në futbollin e femrave u mbajt sot ditën e dielë, date 19 Janar 2014 në Fushen Reshit Rusi ne Shkodër nga ora 12.00-16.30.
Ekipet sipas renditjes ne fund te turneut:
1. Vllaznia
2. Ferizaj
3. The Door Albania
4. Juban Danja
E vecante e ketij turneu eshte sepse nuk kishtre trofe dhe qe turneu synoi qe te promovoje futbollin e femrave si dhe te forcoje miqesise ne mes te sportisteve te ekipeve dhe te drejtuesve te ekipeve nga Shkodra si dhe te atij nga Kosova. The Door Albania: Luajme per perfshirje sociale, edukim dhe argetim.

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