You have a story, poem, song, essay, interview to share with your peers in the whole EUROMED region?

Wow, welcome! Here is how you can join in:

-> Read the “Do’s and Don’t”s below first.

-> Send in your story, your self-made photos and drawings about you, your school, your family, your everyday life, your hopes, ideas, talents, dreams, propsals, questions….

-> If you can, record it as audio or video. You can simply use your camera, MP3 recorder, mobile phone or in your local school media lab.

-> Share some additional information about you and your issue.

-> Send it to Radijojo World Children’s Media Network, either via our Facebook page or as mail to

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts:

  • If you record: Please speak clear and in your personal style, don’t pretend being a politician or a superstar. Just be yourself.
  • Feel free to speak in any language you like: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Italian… Please send us the script of your message, so that we can publish it together with your audio or video.
  • No hate speech against other cultures, religions, gender etc.
  • No glorification of war, violence, drugs consumption etc.
  • No violation of rights of others. Ha? Well, this means: Please do not put commercial music in your report, so that we do not get into legal trouble for using music that is owned by others. This could cost us a lot of money, and therefore we could not use it.
  • Please check facts that you mention with two different sources, as professional journalists do.
  • And, last but not least: Don’t bore your friends – cheer them up! Even if your topic is serious: Try to be entertaining if you see a chance to do so. Sometimes, you can get a tough issue best across with a little cheeky smile …. ;)