Our EUROMED KIDS in Berlin had the chance to ask students, from different schools in Rabat/Morocco, very interesting questions. Now we are waiting for the answers from the students in Rabat. The Berlin kids already answered the questions from the students in Morocco, you can listen to it on the audio player.

And here are questions from Kids of the Albert Gutzmann public primary school in Berlin to the kids in Morocco:


In which school do you go?
What do you do during the day?
How long do you stay awake?
How is it in Morocco?
What are your favourite songs?
Who is the most famous person of Morocco?

Here are the questions from students in Morocco and the answers from Berlin:

Answers Berlin

What is the system in school in Germany?
What is Morocco for you?
The difference between Morocco and Germany?
What are you doing everyday at school?
What is the famous food in Germany?
How is the relationship between Morocco and Germany?
What does the colours significance in the German flag?
All the Germans are Nazi or not?
Does German history influences your life?
What do you suggest for Morocco to visit first in Germany?
How do you see Germany in the future?
Who is the most popular person or artist in Germany?
What are the most interesting things that girls do there?
What are their traditions an culture in Germany?

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