Österreich: KiZnewZ mit neuem Logo & aktueller Ausgabe zum Thema EU-Wahl

Salzburg – Kleine Journalisten ganz groß!!!! In der 14. Ausgabe der KiZnewZ, überraschen uns die kleinen

Turkey: Kids have a dream

Let us start the day in Istanbul! With this wonderful drawing created by a 15 years

Umfrage: Was weißt du über Europa?

Nail, Praktikant bei den EUROMED KIDS, befragt seine Mitschüler, Lehrer und den Schulleiter zum Thema Europa.

Tunesia: Multicutural Paintings

The following pictures are from students in Tunesia. They’ve made them during the english-lessons, together with

Bulgaria: Little EUROMEDKIDS introduce themselves to you!

These little EUROMEDKIDS from Bulgaria are saying HELLO! to everyone in Europe and the EUROMED region.

EUROPE DAY – celebrating peace & solidarity in Europe!

Here are the kids from the class 1A from the Anna Lindh Primary, Germany. They learn

Interview with EU top politician Mrs. Kaufmann!

EU top politician joins our EUROMED KIDS camp! Interview Frau Kaufmann Former vice-president of EU parliament