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YIPPIE, the EUROMED Camp has just started!

Hurra, das Radijojo-Frühlingscamp 2014 hat begonnen!!! In Berlin sind Osterferien und pünktlich zum ersten Ferientag hat

CZ: Roma Youth Radio in Brno with a brandnew show!

From our friends of Roma Youth Radio in Brno, Czech Republic – a brandnew show for

Awesome drawings from Bulgaria!

Bulgaria joins in – with awesome drawings created by our new friends on the Balcans. This

Spain: Telekids share their views

Hello from Sevilla, Spain! We are the Telekids. In our workshops, we learn how to create

Finland: We sing for the elderly


Hello from Hungaria!

              Hello from Budapest! We send you our greetings to

CZ: Roma Youth Radio is in the house!

Dear all, greetings from Brno, Czech Republic! We are Roma Youth Radio, and we are happy

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